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Nasir is a portrait of life as a Muslim man in a Hindu dominated ghetto. As right-wing nationalism rises, Nasir’s plot evolves over the span of a whole day in the life of an observant, kind and humorous sari salesman.

Nasir lives a modest as a sari-salesman in Coimbatore. He is a gentle and optmistic man who writes beautiful poems to his wife and goes through the days with a smile on his face. He and his family - composed of his wife, mother, and intellectually disabled adoptive son - are struggling financially, while Nasir becomes increasingly aware of the rising extremism around him. As a Muslim living in a Hindu-populated area, he initially seems not to fear the Hindu nationalist propaganda and loudspeakers shouting right-wing imperatives in the streets, but intolerance and hatred are subtly manifested through casual talks and in his work environment.

The vibrant colors and the 4:3 aspect ratio of Nasir evoke its fictional quality, recalling a tale that is slightly displaced from the real world. The film builds its plot in a calm and slow-paced rhythm, following one whole day in the life of Nasir, until the growing polarization culminates in an imminent explosion.


Arun Karthick (b. 1992) is a self-taught Indian filmmaker. He began experimenting with film at the age of seventeen, and has directed two feature films: The Strange Case of Shiva (2015) and Nasir (2020).


2020 Nasir
2015 Sivapuranam / The Strange Case of Shiva

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Tuesday 19. january

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