Arctíc [Un]Límíted

Your unique gateway to real Arctic souvenirs, reflection and criticism, real Arctic conversation, resistance, and opinion, real Arctic art and real Arctic shopping! Welcome to exotification, commodification, critical clarity, and necessary confusion.

The number of “Arctic” services and businesses in Romsa/Tromsø and other northern places seems limitless. From Arctic asphalt, Arctic cleaning, Arctic dolls and Arctic electricians to Arctic universities and Arctic symphony orchestras; everything can be packaged, sold, and consumed as Arctic. Navigating the Arctic jungle can be difficult.

Arctíc [Un]Límíted is Romsa/Tromsø’s most interesting souvenir shop and simultaneously a unique, undercover art project in the center of the town’s tourist district. Arctíc [Un]Límíted presents a hand-picked collection of mass-produced consumer items, exclusive handcrafted designs, one-off art objects, and public programs. Arctíc [Un]Límíted is your guide to authenticity, exotification and commodification, your source of critical clarity and necessary confusion.

Address: Storgata 108 (opposite Verdensteatret)
Open 12–18 during TIFF

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Monday 15. january

Kl 17:00
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