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Nélie escapes a life of depraving poverty by becoming a frontline nurse during World War I. When a young woman from a wealthy family dies in front of her, the desperate Nélie sees a risky but tempting opportunity for a better life.

Secret Name is director Aurélia Georges’s beautiful adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ novel “The New Magdalena” from 1873. It is a thrilling film about stolen identity and the battle of survival between three women of different social classes. Set in a period without social welfare systems, they play a game of high stakes.

The film brims with many emotional and tender scenes, where the characters try to care for each other, even though their different roles in the social hierarchy prevents them from touching or hugging. The suspense between physical distance and emotional closeness, drives the story forward in a multi-layered way. Secret Name is an excellent example of how a period drama can be highly relevant for current society. The magnificent Lyna Khoudri, who recently appeared in The French Dispatch, shines in her role as Nélie.


Aurélia Georges (b. 1973) is a French director and writer. She graduated from La Fémis in 2002, and has made feature films, short films and documentaries. Her first feature filmL'homme qui marche (2007) received critical acclaim, and her second feature La fille et le fleuve (2014) was nominated at Cannes.


2014 La fille et le fleuve
2013 Le fleuve Seine (Short)
2012 Le cinéma français se porte bien (Documentary)
2007 L'homme qui marche
2002 Sur la pente (Short)

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