Life Without Sara Amat

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It's a bright and beautiful day in the Spanish countryside when 14-year-old Sara disappears. None is more upset than Pep; but when the 13-year-old boy returns from a futile night of searching, he finds a surprise waiting for him in his bedroom.

Life Without Sara Amat is a heartwarming summer tale about complicated young love. Pep is just a city boy spending the summer holiday with his grandma, completely unprepared for the impact a small town girl like Sara might have on his prepubescent heart. As the mystery of Sara's disappearance puzzles the villagers, Pep's secret grows bigger and bigger by each day. He soon discovers that love makes one do crazy things, like hiding big secrets, sneaking into other people's homes and even lying to the police.

Director Laura Jou's experience as an acting coach is clear, as the central duo of Biel Rossell Pelfort and Maria Morera Colomer both deliver charismatic and nuanced performances way beyond their years. Based on the novel by Pep Puig, this movie lights up the screen not only with vivid colors and golden light but with humor and compassion. Capturing the essence of first love, Life Without Sara Amat is a small but lovely gem in this year's festival line-up.


Laura Jou (b. 1969) is a Spanish acting coach and director born in Barcelona. She began her career as an actress, before moving behind the camera as an acting coach for child actors on films like The Impossible (2012) and A Monster Calls (2016). Life without Sara Amat is her directorial debut.


2019 La vida sense la Sara Amat / Life without Sara Amat
2015 No me quites / Don't Leave Me (Short film)

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Tuesday 19. january

Kl 11:00
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