Can you come down and fetch me again?

A dance performance filmed in one take. With one camera. In the deep arctic snow. Live sound.

The audience will experience a dance performance that is close, both in the distance and in the theme. The two dancers, Inge Martin Helgesen and Sigurd Johan Heide have a nostalgic but distorted expression, and exploit their bodily knowledge to balance the game of play and seriousness. The joiker Emma Elliane will join us in games and with sami joik. Musician Benjamin Mork treats mechanical piano, and has processed the musical material to our state: A state of male physicality, seriousness and games. Violent games. All filmed in one take with one camera, and sound from the snow.

Meet the dancers from Kartellet, composer Benjamin Mørk and director Carl Christian Lein Størmer for a talk at Tvibit 16:00 (one hour before the film starts). Hot chocolate and fresh bread with brown cheese will be served.


Carl Christian Lein Stormer has filmed several independent movies about music and snowboarding. Kartellet is a dance company from Troms which is well known for their interactive performances and male playfulness.

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Wednesday 19. january

Kl 17:00
Winter Cinema


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