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A married couple must navigate guilt and sorrow after a tragic accident. Shadows from the past also show up to further complicate their relationship’s fragile state. A subdued drama about learning to appreciate life.

After a detailed and almost enigmatic introduction to a Japanese family, something happens that shakes both the film and the family. We are dragged along on a journey both inward and outward, with colorful characters, sensitive dialogues, and personal relationships that either flourish or die. In the distance that opens up between Jiro and Taeko, their exes sneak in to disturb the balance between them. Their small nuclear family is slowly disintegrating, and one asks the question: What holds people together, what constitutes a family?

Director Kōji Fukada is known for making films that are both intimate and contemplative. The long, slow-moving conversations are characterized by great underlying emotions - it is as much about what is not said as what is said. We observe the main characters and get to know them, even if they only really reveal themselves in a very few moments. The film deals with death and drama that is otherwise only found in melodramas, but Fukada treats the material in a delicate way.


Kōji Fukada (b. 1980) is a Japanese director and screenwriter. With Harmonium in 2016, he won the Prix du Jury in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival.


2019 A Girl Missing
2016 Harmonium
2015 Sayonara
2010 Hospitalité

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