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Skal dere gå allerede? is a piece of coming-of-age social realism, set in a constantly changing city. Elin moves into an apartment her father has bought for her, but she has no job, no friends and will start her adult life all alone.

"It is always gratifying when a film surprises by holding onto goodness and human dignity, instead of forcibly writing conflicts and ‘dark sides’ into the story, as if this is supposed to bring the work closer to a certain quality, complexity and something "true". Not to say that the characters in Skal dere gå allerede? are not on a collision course, but director Mona J. Hoel guides us through her story with a firm belief that it is most likely that the characters take care of and need each other – despite the fact that they could have had more than enough with themselves."
– Sveinung Wålengen (Excerpt from Analysen,

Skal dere gå allerede? is Mona J. Hoel's first feature film in 15 years. It was never intended to last that long: the film was shot in 2006, but not completed until 2019. Ironically – although the film also has autonomous qualities – it is through being a time capsule from when it was shot that Skal dere gå allerede? becomes truly special.


Mona J. Hoel (b. 1960) is a Norwegian director, whose second feature film Cabin Fever (2000) was the first Norwegian film to be made following the rules of the Dogme 95 manifesto. Her follow-up Chlorox, Ammonia and Coffee was released in 2004. Hoel is also known for her short and music video work.


2004 Salto, salmiakk og kaffe / Chlorox, Ammonium and Coffee
2000 Når nettene blir lange / Cabin Fever
1995 Noe beroligende

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Friday 22. january

Kl 11:00
TIFF Digital

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