In Shorts 3, we present short fictions and documentaries in competition, which show that things won’t necessarily be straight forward.

Norway 2022
Directed by Iver Innset

Home Office
Norway, Croatia 2022
Directed by Endre Lund Eriksen and Daniel Damm

Days without
Estonia 2022
Directed by Ivar Erik Yeoman

Jumping-Off Place
Russia 2022
Directed by Svetlana Stasenko

Mother 2.0
Sweden 2022
Directed by Jonas Lawes and Mattias Sjöstedt

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Monday 16. january

Kl 16:00
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Wednesday 18. january

Kl 12:00
Fokus 4

Saturday 21. january

Kl 12:45
Fokus 4


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