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Before, Now & Then is a strikingly beautiful film set in Indonesia in the mid-60s. Nana lives a good life with three children and an elderly, rich husband in Java. Indonesia's turbulent history forms an unpleasant background in the film - and in Nana's life.

Nana has control over all facets of life. But at night she’s haunted by dreams she can't control, and they bring with them darkness from the past. Nana lived another life with another family before, and in the opening we see her escaping through the jungle with General Suharto's men after her. As her new life is slowly torn apart by her husband's cold approach and ill-concealed infidelity, a surprising friendship with his mistress takes shape. The relationship between the two women develops into something both fascinating and touching.

Before, Now & Then is the latest film by Indonesia's greatest filmmaker, Kamila Andini. It is a beautiful, poetic, and almost dream-like film that is characterized by subdued acting and breathtakingly beautiful cinematography. It deals with Indonesia's political past and the relationship between men and women, but it’s also about female solidarity and friendship. It is for good reason that critics have compared this film to the masterpiece In the Mood for Love.


Kamila Andini (b. 1986) is an Indonesian filmmaker known for her critically acclaimed debut The Mirror Never Lies (2011). Her films concern social culture, gender equality, and environmental issues, and her films have a distinctive narrative perspective. She has also directed a number of short films.


2021 Yuni
2017 The Seen and Unseen
2011 The Mirror Never Lies

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