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Danielle is a college student whose life is quite chaotic and that she covers up with abundant lies. But when she has to attend a Jewish funeral where both her sugar daddy and her ex-girlfriend turn up, she is faced with many uncomfortable truths – and a lot of Jewish gossiping. 

Shiva Baby is a dark comedy full of Jewish humour and a good dose of awkward situations. Danielle, played by an excellent Rachel Sennott, is a young woman who has to attend a "shiva", a Jewish mourning ritual, along with her overbearing mom Debbie, and her friendly but clumsy dad. Soon enough, it appears that Danielle is lying about going to law school to try to conform to people's expectations of her. But things are about to get even more awkward when it turns out that her ex girlfriend Maja is also attending the funeral, and when Max, her sugar daddy, comes in with his perfect wife and baby. 

In turn claustrophobic, uncomfortable and hilarious, Shiva Baby is a smart satire that explores society's expectations, and the difficulty to navigate relationships and love as a young woman in today's world. For her first feature, 26-year-old director Emma Seligman has created a clever and funny film that feels at times like a play, taking place entirely in one location (the house where the shiva is happening) and in one afternoon.


Emma Seligman was born in 1995 in Toronto, Canada. She studied at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where she made her first short films, includingVoid (2017). In 2018 she made her graduation short film, Shiva Baby, which was made into a feature film in 2020. 


2018 Shiva Baby (Short)
2017 Void (Short)

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Friday 21. january

Kl 17:00
Winter Cinema


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