Shadow in the Cloud

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The gremlins are back! However, we are not talking about the furry creatures you shouldn’t feed after midnight. This is the original World War II edition, and monsters are getting the blame for technical mishaps - and they are no easy task to deal with at 20.000 feet...

As a New Zealand bomber is about to take off, Maude Garrett climbs on board. She has her papers in order, and a bag with vital and top secret content. The crew are immediately skeptical of having a woman among them, and aggressively force her into a ball turret hanging from the plane’s underside. Stuck in this claustrophobic bubble, she witnesses inexplicable technical failures and the emergence of enemies, both of earthly and supernatural origin. And her crucial cargo is left in the main cabin, with a crew not believing a single word she is saying.

Shadow in the Cloud is clearly inspired by both Buried and classical war movies, and in Chloë Grace Moretz we get an ass kicker we haven’t seen since Ellen Ripley in Alien. Breathtaking stunts mixed with a surprising but awesome synth soundtrack will get your blood pumping. Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat for a full 80 minutes, because this is a B-movie at its most entertaining.


Roseanne Liang is a New Zealand-born Chinese director and screenwriter. She graduated with a Master's Degree in Creative and Performing Arts from the University of Auckland, and made her first feature film in 2011. She has won several film awards, including a Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.


2017 Do No Harm (Short film)
2015 Sugar Hit (Short film)
2013 Flat3 (TV)
2011 My Wedding and Other Secrets
2005 Banana in a Nutshell (Documentary)

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Wednesday 20. january

Kl 21:30
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