The Last Human

Life on Earth begins and ends with Greenland. Researcher Minik Rosing's landmark discovery of the first life contrasts with the melting ice masses in Ivalo Frank's tribute to her beautiful homeland. Fascinating scientific knowledge about life on Earth, and how it may all come to an end, is juxtaposed with frank, funny, and endearing testimonials from young Greenlanders on what matters most in their lives, making this a thought-provoking yet charming and stunningly shot documentary. 


Ivalo Frank, born in Greenland to Danish parents, has lived in several countries and now resides in Berlin and Copenhagen. Holding a MA in Philosophy and Social Science from Lund University, she works as an artist and visual anthropologist.

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Monday 16. january

Kl 14:45
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Thursday 19. january

Kl 13:45
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