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Rocks is loud, vibrant and energetic. A natural leader in her pack of girls but not quite an adult yet. At 15, taking care of her younger brother is fine for a few hours - not indefinitely. What to do when her mother suddenly leaves?

Olushola, or Rocks as she is called, is a 15-year-old British girl who grew up in East London with a talent as a makeup artist. Rocks lives with her younger brother Emmanuel, and a mother who is very depressed. Rocks's world is turned upside down when she returns from school and discovers that her mother is gone, having left an envelope with some cash for food and a note that says she needs some time for herself. The siblings have barely enough money for food for a week, but Rocks is determined to stick with her brother and avoid being taken into care against all odds, so she leaves her home and hides around in East London. But, as the days go by, the pressure on Rocks increases, and she starts to push away those who love her and her friendships start to fracture. 

Rocks is a heartbreaking and insightful British coming-of-age film. A film about shaping one's identity in a world that is difficult and realistically described, but at the same time optimistic.


Sarah Gavron (b. 1970) is a British film director. She has an MA in film studies from Edinburgh College of Art and spent three years working with documentaries for BBC. Her debut film was an adaptation of the popular novel Brick Lane, while her sophomore effort starred Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter.


2015 Suffragette
2007 Brick Lane

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Wednesday 20. january

Kl 11:30
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