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Pumping music and bursting energy are the outer layers of this captivating human drama about fame, loneliness and the search for intimacy. We follow three days in the life of fitness queen Sylwia, when everything is on the verge of tumbling down.

Sylwia, a very popular fitness influencer, is working hard to build her image as a positive and energetic role model for her followers on social media. But her façade is starting to crack, and her sponsors are nervous after she posts a rare, vulnerable video about how she misses someone to share her life with. She is desperately trying to elicit some love from her cold and dismissive mother, and everything reaches a crisis when she realizes she his stalked by a sexual predator. Even with 600 000 followers on social media, you can end up alone when it really matters.

This is not just another film about the downsides of being famous. Sweat is highly topical considering the ongoing struggle for women’s rights in Poland, and the reported increase in loneliness among young people today. Magdalena Kolesnik is brilliant, sympathetic, and credible in her demanding role, carrying almost the entire film on her athletic shoulders.


Magnus von Horn (b. 1983) is a Swedish director and scriptwriter. He studied directing at the Film School in Lódz, Poland. His films have won several awards and been shown at the film festivals in Sundance and Cannes. Sweat is his second feature film.


2015 Efterskalv / The Here After
2011 Utan snö / Without Snow (Short film)
2008 Echo (Short film)
2007 Mleczaki (Short film)
2007 Radek (Documentary)

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