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A group of rebellious teenagers roam around in a Kyiv set in the 90s in a celebration of youth, of fleeting moments – and of those that last forever.

In Forever-Forever we meet the teenage girl Tonia who moves to Kyiv and starts at a new high school in the city. There she quickly befriends a group of teenagers who spend their time partying, rebelling and roaming around the city. It soon becomes apparent that Tonia seeks protection from the people and place she left behind before she came to Kyiv, and that she wishes to find a new home there away from a difficult past.

The film gives a fleeting, restless portrait of a group of teenagers’ rivalry, love dilemmas and exploration of their sexuality. It is also poetic in its examination of youth in a Kyiv set in the 90s, with a score and images that reflect the same period. As a viewer, it is easy to be immersed in the teenagers’ lives, schemes and hurtling emotions as they run past Ukrainian buildings, party and have fun together. Many choices like filming with a video camera that the teenagers walk around with or multiple scenes from a swimming pool, bring visual and emotional depth to the film. 

At the beginning of the film, Tonia falls in love with the boy Zhurik, but later she also falls for the girl Sania, which brings about a secret love triangle. It becomes clear that Tonia is affected by her past and that she is torn between a wish to take part in the new life she has created for herself, and at the same time she is hesitant to fully lose herself in this life. Will she be able to find her place in life with her new friends and at the same time let go of her past?

Dedicated to all the teenagers of the 90s, Forever-Forever can be seen as a celebration and an exploration of youth, of the importance of appreciating life's fleeting moments and those that last forever. 


Anna Buryachkova is a Ukrainian director. Forever-Forever is her debut feature, which has received critical acclaim and was nominated for an award at the Venice Film Festival 2023. She has previously directed several short films and is currently working on a documentary exploring the emotional ramifications of the ongoing war in Ukraine.


2023 Forever-Forever

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