Vincent Must Die

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Imagine that everyone you make eye contact with is trying to kill you – that's Vincent's reality.

It's an entirely ordinary day at the office, and Vincent is going about his business. Suddenly, an intern completely loses his mind and attacks Vincent, entirely unprovoked. After this happens repeatedly, Vincent is forced to go on the run. He heads to the countryside, attempting to understand what is happening and how he can survive in a world that not only has it out for him but is actively trying to kill him. In this living nightmare, Vincent encounters Margaux, a diner waitress who is sweet, charming, and potentially dangerous.

Vincent Must Die is a violent affair – there's no shortage of blood, spit, and excrement, portraying the darker side of society. We've become more selfish and angry, and this satire turns up the volume. Drawing inspiration from films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and It Follows, it's seasoned with an extra dose of dark humor. It's a unique twist on the zombie genre where horror, apocalypse, comedy, and love are juggled in a clever way.


Stéphan Castang (b. 1973) is a French director, actor and editor whose debut feature film Vincent Must Die was presented in a special screening in the 62nd edition of Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival.


2020 Finale (short)
2015 Service Compris (short)

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Wednesday 17. january

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Sunday 21. january

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