Years of demonstrations and protests have yielded nothing. A group of environmental activists decides to make a bigger statement and set out on a perilous journey into the Texas desert with a plan to destroy an oil pipeline.

A group of environmental activists are gathered in Texas with a common goal: blowing up a pipeline. They have all suffered as a result of climate change and the industry that causes it – the group’s leader, Xochitl, is recently orphaned after her mother lost her life in a heat wave. Years of demonstrations and protests have led nowhere, and the group is convinced that more dramatic measures are necessary.

How to Blow Up a Pipeline is based on the manifesto of the same name, published by Swedish environmental activist Andreas Malm in 2021. There, he argues for sabotage as a tactic in the fight against global warming. Director Daniel Goldhaber uses Malm’s themes as the base for a nail-biting suspense film – a heist movie in a similar vein as Ocean’s Eleven, although this film has far more serious matters at heart – that follows the activists’ perilous road to their explosive objective.


Daniel Goldhaber is an American filmmaker born in Boulder, Colorado. He studied at Harvard, and it was during this period that he made his first short films. He made his feature debut with the critically acclaimed and award-winning horror film Cam in 2018.


2018 Cam
2013 Bad Kid (short)
2012 The Summer (short)

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Wednesday 18. january

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Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Friday 20. january

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Hålogaland Teater

Saturday 21. january

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