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This spectacular documentary follows elusive alpinist Marc-André Leclerc, a 23-year-old Canadian who climbs solo, without rope, and who some consider to be one of the young visionaries in the alpinist milieu. 

After focusing on Tommy Caldwell in The Dawn Wall, documentary filmmaker Peter Mortimer brings us along to follow young alpinist Marc-André Leclerc over the course of 2 years. At the time of filming, the 23-year-old alpinist and climber had already achieved some of the most notable solo ascents in recent history, and embarks on an adventure in Patagonia (Argentina). The nomadic climber, diagnosed with ADHD as a child, recounts his obsessive drive to climb mountains on his own, far from the spotlight, and how he discovered peace while being in the mountains. 

This moving documentary seeks to understand Marc-André Leclerc and his passion for solo climbing more than to showcase his exploits. It is also a film that to some extent addresses how alpinism used to be a niche extreme sport and whose adepts are now becoming celebrities on social media and in mainstream media; but Marc-André Leclerc wasn't interested by fame in the least, which only makes the film more compelling.


Peter Mortimer is a documentary filmmaker born in 1974 in Pennsylvania (USA) and based in Colorado. He is also the founder of Sender Films, an adventure film company, and co-founded the REEL ROCK film tour. His film The Dawn Wall (2018) followed free climber Tommy Caldwell and his climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson as they attempted to ascent the Dawn Wall of El Capitan. 

Nick Rosen is a writer and producer at Sender Films. He co-directed Valley Uprising (2014) and co-created the REEL ROCK film tour with Peter Mortimer.


2020 Black Ice
2017 The Dawn Wall
2014 Valley uprising
2007 King Lines

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