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As satire Sick of Myself might seem as shallow as its characters and the environment it depicts, but it is really just entirely truthful and an exceedingly rare example of a Norwegian film that captures the zeitgeist. 

Signe is the girlfriend of artist Thomas, who is having success with an exhibition at the gallery «Cotard». Signe likely thinks that some of his glow might rub off on her, but is clearly green with envy. Attempts to give the impression that she is some kind of co-creator are unsuccessful. Signe is becoming a freeloader in her boyfriend's life and a supporting character in her own. After some searching online, she orders the Russian drug Lidexol: neon-yellows pills with insidious side effects, including visible skin disease. By damaging herself, she plans to reclaim the attention.

Sick of Myself offers no diagnosis, the film is just a symptom. And that's the whole point, or what? With his second feature a director and screenwriter, Los Angeles-based Kristoffer Borgli returns to his home country to capture the present via Oslo's art and culture circles. Sick of Myself discusses themes such as identity shopping, social reward systems, attention economy, diagnosis hysteria, body dysmorphia, body positivity, and «woke».

(Excerpt from Lars Ole Kristiansen's analysis of the film at Montages.)


Kristoffer Borgli (b. 1985) is a Norwegian director and screenwriter. After having made several remarkable shorts and music videos, he made his feature debut with DRIB in 2017. Sick of Myself had its world premiere at the Cannes film festival, competing in the festival's Un certain regard section.


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2017 DRIB
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Tuesday 17. january

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Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)


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