The Worst Person in the World

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The Worst Person in the World is a film about love in our time, and about finding meaning in it. Julie is approaching her 30th birthday, and is struggling to find a direction in life – and figuring out what will become of her. The film shows that our reflections on making a decision in life, or not making it, can become as important as the decisions themselves.

The Worst Person in the World has been described as the last part of the Oslo trilogy by director Joachim Trier (following Reprise and Oslo, August 31st), and although the stories and characters are different in the three films, they have more in common than just Oslo and actor Anders Danielsen Lie. For example, one can say that a melancholy reflection on "what could have been" is a theme in all three.

The Worst Person in the World is clearly rooted in today's specific reality, a time and a place, but at the same time it is in many ways a "larger than life" film, which asks you to put realism and reality on pause. It invites us to play along with the idea of ​​”what if…”, and joke a bit with the times we live in. But Trier’s film is also quite solemn, and tries to capture something genuine about larger, existential themes such as present time, the passing of time and our memories. The images, the sounds and the emotions of the film remain in my head and body. It truly lingers, not only as a favourite among Joachim Trier's films, but as one of my favourite films. (Excerpt from Anne Gjelsvik's analysis of the film at Montages.)


Joachim Trier (b. 1974) is a graduate of The National Film and Television School in London, and is the most acknowledged Norwegian filmmaker of the 21st century. He made his debut with Reprise, and participated in Un Certain Regard section in Cannes with Oslo August 31st. His third feature film, Louder than Bombs, became the first Norwegian film in Competition in Cannes since 1979, and after the thriller Thelma in 2017, he repeated the Cannes feat with The Worst Person in the World in 2021.


2017 Thelma
2015 Louder than Bombs
2011 Oslo, 31. august / Oslo August 31st
2006 Reprise

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