FFN - Lockdown: Ealát

“As long as the reindeer exist here, so do we”.

Through filmmaker Elle Márjá Eira's eyes we follow her family in different seasons with their reindeer herd. Ealát is a story about living and surviving in Sámi reindeer husbandry in strange times.


Elle Márjá Eira (b. 1983) is a Sámi filmmaker, musician and artist from Kautokeino, Norway. She has directed several short films as well as collaborated on various film music, including alongside composer Christophe Beck for The 12th Man in 2017. Her short film The Sami Have Rights was screened at TIFF 2019.

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Friday 22. january

Kl 16:00
TIFF Digital 2

Tickets available from 17.01.2021 12:00


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