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Mia Goth and director Ti West return to the universe they created with their horror film X. In this Technicolor slasher takes us back to 1918 and a murderous farm girl with Hollywood ambitions.

Texas, 1918. While the Spanish flu and World War 1 wreak havoc around the globe, Pearl is isolated from the outside world. Her husband is serving overseas, and she is forced to maintain the family farm with her domineering mother and infirm father. But Pearl wants a different life. She dreams of Hollywood, the stage, the silver screen! There are too many people blocking her visions of stardom – the only solution is to eliminate them.

Mia Goth and director Ti West are back with a prequel to their horror film X, which also featured Goth in the leading role. X introduced us to a murderous old lady – Pearl gives us her origin story. This is a bonkers pitch-black horror comedy, with Goth giving a tour-de-force performance as the demented titular character. Ti West creates a universe that is simultaneously a spoof of and homage to old Hollywood films, with swelling strings and blood gushing in glorious Technicolor.


Ti West (b. 1980) is an American filmmaker and producer. He is primarily associated with the horror genre, and found breakthrough success 2009 with the film House of the Devil. Over the course of his career, he has directed several acclaimed horror films, both short films and features


2022 X
2016 In a Valley of Violence
2013 The Sacrament
2011 The Innkeepers
2009 The House of the Devil

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