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Hit the Road is an Iranian road-movie that will make you laugh, cry and dance in your seat. It's maybe not what you had expected, but that’s how it goes once you hitch a ride with this nice family heading north, towards an unknown destination.

It doesn't take long to realize that the family of four in Hit the Road is not on an ordinary road-trip. The youngest son's mobile phone is hastily buried by the roadside, dad is frequently looking over his shoulder, the oldest son is crying when he thinks no one is watching and mum is fervently trying to lighten the mood, despite being clearly stressed. Slowly we are starting to understand why they are traveling, and where they are going. Yet, while tension is bubbling under the surface, it is easy to get caught up in the charm and obvious love of this family.

With a good dose of dark humor, bickering and absurd goings-on, we quickly grow very fond of this flock and one is increasingly hoping that they succeed in their endeavors. Hit the Road features stunning cinematography, and actress Pantea Panahiha is splendid as the mother, the rock of the family. This is director Panah Panahi's first feature film, and he has already received several prestigious film award nominations for this warm-hearted road-movie


Panah Panahi (b. 1984) is an Iranian director. He studied cinema at the Tehran University of Art and is the son of famous film maker Jafar Panahi. He started his career as a set photographer, before moving on to roles as an editor and assistant director for his father. Hit the road is his first feature film.


2021 Jaddeh Khaki / Hit the Road

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