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Dalton, Georgia is the carpet capital of the world and home to a wide range of eccentric entrepreneurs. Critically acclaimed documentary Carpet Cowboys is a quirky and insightful fable about manufacturing, globalization and the American dream.

The little town of Dalton, Georgia is the carpet capital of the world, producing 85% of the carpet found in the US and half of the carpet found in the rest of the world. This industrial hub is full of eccentric characters, and among these, we find charismatic designer Roderick. Roderick emigrated to Dalton from Scotland during the 80’s, and after decades of mergers and consolidations in the business, he’s struggling to make ends meet. While searching for new career opportunities in Asia, he spends his time living “the country lifestyle” and composing advertising jingles for local twelve-year-old entrepreneurs.

Carpet Cowboys starts out as a quirky portrait of a billion-dollar industry few of us have any knowledge of and evolves into a fable about manufacturing, globalization and the American dream in 2023. Directors Emily MacKenzie and Noah Collier have made a funny, wistful and insightful film, which critics have likened to the early works of Errol Morris. 

The film was selected by film critic Aksel Kielland.


Emily MacKenzie is an American director, producer and editor who primarily works in documentary film. Carpet Cowboys is her first feature-length documentary.

Noah Collier is an American director and cinematographer with more than a decade’s worth of experience in film and television. Carpet Cowboys is his first feature-length documentary.


2023 Carpet Cowboys

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