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What We See blurs the boundaries between narrative and reality. The relationship between two sisters is central to the story, which explores themes such as persistent trauma in Inuit communities, as well as a collective resilience and solace.

The story follows the sisters Uyarak and Saqpinak, played by directors Kunnuk and Tulugarjuk, who grew up in Igloolik, Nunavut. Set during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film reveals the sisters' individual handling of trauma, their need to express pain, and the importance of speaking out for healing. A crisis can re-open old wounds, but also act as a catalyst promoting the need to confront these memories, and be a means to find strenght and solace through communication with other people.

The directors have crafted the film through collaboration in the writing and editing process. By combining improvised scenes and adapting filming to COVID-19 restrictions, they convey heartbreaking information subtly, and the film's collective perspective is reflected in the title.


Lucy Tulugarjuk is an award-winning actor, performer, and Executive Director of Nunavut Independent Television Network (NITV). She is also the co-writer and director of the children's film Tia and Piujuq.

Carol Kunnuk is an Inuk actress and filmmaker from Canada. Tautuktavuk / What We See, a film co-directed by and co-starring Kunnuk and Lucy Tulugarjuk, premiered in the Discovery program at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival and won the Amplify Voices Award for Best First Film.

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