The Truffle Hunters

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Hidden just beneath the soil of the Italian forests, the luxurious truffle is close enough that any eager truffle hunter might dig them up with bare hands - provided that their loyal hunting dog has sniffed them out first.

The titular truffle hunters of this film are not your ordinary hunters. Well beyond the age of retirement, these gentlemen won't let age stand in the way of their search for the so-called diamond of the kitchen. In shades of green and with cane in hand, they swagger through the forest on a secretive mission towards their preferred hunting grounds. Competition is stiff, but the hunt goes beyond the financial gain of a potential sale. The hunters love what they do, and neither worried wives nor poisonous bait will deter them.

Directing duo Dweck and Kershaw utilize fixed camera positions in this observant documentary, for which they've been granted unique access to the truffle hunters and their secrets. The striking images create a fairytale-like atmosphere only to shake us out of it in a refreshing way. The Truffle Hunters combines the hunters' love of life and years of experience with a genuine love for a rare and peculiar profession.


Michael Dweck (b. 1957) is an American visual artist and filmmaker. He's the first living photographer to have a solo exhibition at Sotheby's. For The Truffle Hunters, he reunited with cinematographer Gregory Kershaw, whom he had previously worked with on The Last Race.


2018 The Last Race (Documentary)

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Friday 22. january

Kl 16:00
Winter Cinema


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