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Four young Scandinavian women fight against a fat-phobic world and learn to love their bodies as they are. As they build up their self-esteem, they share stories of their upbringing as fat women, and how they have struggled to dismantle normative stereotypes.

Marte, Pauline, Helene and Wilde are four women who are part of a body-positivity movement in Scandinavia. They defy normative rules and the patriarchy by building self-confidence and love for their own image. As each one goes through different personal challenges, they find a safe space and community in a virtual network of support, having social media as their strongest ally in the battle against fat-phobia. Among various other actions, they launch a second-hand market for plus-size bodies and organize demonstrations demanding a more inclusive fashion industry. The documentary portrays their life and routine, both individually and collectively, exposing the difficulties of living in a society that perceived them as “wrong bodies”.

This is the journey of four women who decided to be free and happy. With a light and positive narrative, Fat Front depicts this process of transformation and personal liberation, without overlooking the suffering they have been through.


Louise Unmack Kjeldsen (b. 1964) and Louise Detlefsen (b. 1971) are Danish filmmakers. They have been collaborating on various documentaries, such as A Damn Year (2012), 7.9.13 (2014) and The Survivors (2018).


2015 Oprør fra ghettoen (TV)
2014 Forsøget (Documentary)
2012 Et forbandet år / A Damn Year (Documentary)
2000 Sådan er kvinder (TV)


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Thursday 21. january

Kl 18:30
TIFF Digital 2

Tickets available from 17.01.2021 12:00


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