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Lars is LOL is an engaging Norwegian children's film with a big heart. When 11-year-old Amanda returns to school after the summer, she is assigned a task she views as a social disaster: she becomes a mentor for the new boy in class, Lars, who has Down syndrome. Amanda is head over heels for her classmate Adam, terrified of standing out, and convinced that Lars will embarrass her.

High-quality children's films are a proud Norwegian tradition, and Lars is LOL proudly joins the lineage of films like Frida - Straight from the Heart (1991), Only Clouds Move the Stars (1998), The Color of Milk (2004), Vegas (2009), just to name a few, all of which managed to address more serious, sensitive themes while connecting with a young audience.

Director Eirik Sæther Stordahl makes his feature film debut with Lars is LOL, but one might not believe it: we are in safe, wise hands, experiencing a film executed with empathetic calm and a playful cinematic approach. The young actors deliver realistic portrayals of what one would remember as challenging childhood experiences, while there is wit and energy in all the various dramatic turns – we get a taste of high school drama and bullying just as sharply as we witness beautiful little friendships taking shape and unfolding, without the pace overshadowing the more poetic moments. Based on the acclaimed novel by Iben Akerlie, this is one of the best Norwegian films of 2023.


Eirik Sæter Stordahl (b. 1988) is a Norwegian director. He studied at the National Film School of Denmark, and is known for the short films Robin (2007) og I stykker (2015). Lars is LOL is his debut feature.


2015 I stykker (short)
2007 Robin (short)

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Tuesday 16. january

Kl 14:00
Driv Cinema


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