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TRUTH THROUGH FILM – Can culture contribute to reconciliation?

Last year, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission established by the Norwegian Parliament in 2018 submitted its final report. Its purpose was to lay the foundation for recognition of the experiences of Sámi and Kven (Norwegian Finns) subject to Norwegian authorities' policies of Norwegianization, and the consequences of these experiences on both groups and individuals.

During TIFF 2024, several aspects of truth and reconciliation will be highlighted through the program Films From the North. One of the screened films is Louise Hollerup’s Images of You, which examines how her maternal grandparents travelled to Greenland to teach the Danish language and culture to Inuit children. With rich archival material, Louise uses this personal perspective to explore colonial heritage - of which she is a part. Kati Eriksen’s Home River shows how Sámi people are still fighting for their rights to land and water today, and how civil disobedience is used as a means to draw attention to indigenous rights in Finland.    

What can be done to create reconciliation between indigenous peoples and national states? 
Who bears the responsibility for a reconciliation process to be considered a success?
How can art and culture play a role in the reconciliation process? 

Lubna Jaffery, Minister of Culture and Equality
Silje Karine Muotka, President of the Sámi Parliament
Louise Hollerup, Film Director   
Kati Eriksen, Film Director, Sámi activist, producer, and developer

Moderator: Torjer Olsen, Head of Center for Sámi studies at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway. 

The seminar is free and open to all, and the audience is invited to participate with questions and comments.

Time: Monday January 15th, 3 pm
Place: Tromsø Library

Images of You and Home River will be shown on Monday, January 15th at 16.30 pm. 

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