Arctic Pride’s Queer Night

DJs and dancing at Driv Café is the best way to celebrate this day’s queer program. We can guarantee you good vibes and a busy dance floor!

TIFF is proud of this year’s collaboration with Arctic Pride. Our queer program presents two film screenings—the feature film Queendom by Agniia Galdanova and the short film Fear by Kevin Berro. In addition to this, there will be introductions and panel discussions with relevant participants. TIFF and Arctic Pride have been collaborating since 2021, and we are thrilled that the collaboration continues!

Time: Thursday, January 18th
Place: Driv

18:00 Fear - Introduction by Kevin Berro
18:10 Panel discussion with Kevin Berro, Hani Assaf, known as Frida Marida, and Rune Nilsen
18:25 Queendom - Introduction by Lars Kaupang
21:00 Queer Night at Driv Café


Together with Arctic Pride, we invite you to conclude the fun with us at DRIV Café. There will be delightful entertainment and a great atmosphere! Perhaps you will feel the urge to dance? Everyone's invited!

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Thursday 18. january

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