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First Nations director Tracey Deer signs a remarkable semi-autobiographical drama that recounts the Oka crisis, which took place in Quebec in 1990. Beans is a coming-of-age tale in troubled political times, and an empowering affirmation of indigenous identity.

Beans starts with a telling scene: the young protagonist, Tekehentahkhwa, is enrolling in a new school in Quebec, and the headmaster cannot pronounce her name at all. So she settles for her nickname, Beans. The cheerful girl lives a happy life with her parents and little sister. But one day, her life changes abruptly as the little family visits friends and relatives at a Mohawk camp where protesters are fighting against a golf course being built on their land. As tensions rise between First Nations and white people, Beans befriends an older, cooler girl - and decides to toughen up.

Based on the traumatic experiences Tracey Deer herself went through as a child, this beautifully-made film shows from the inside what the Mohawk communities went through during their 78-day standoff with the government. It also highlights the role of women in the fight for indigenous rights and freedom, and young actress Kiawentiio really shines in the main role. 


Please note: The screening of Beans on Saturday 22 January at 16h30 at Fokus 4 is part of the TIFF Ung program. This screening is reserved for 15-19 years old.
Tickets for the show will only cost 50, - and festival bracelets will be handed out to those who lack it.


Tracey Deer is a Mohawk screenwriter and director based in Kahnawake (Quebec). She is known for directing several documentaries for the Aboriginal-run production company Rezolution Pictures, including Mohawk Girls (2005) and Club Native (2008), which went on to win many awards. Beans is her first feature fiction film and won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Picture in 2021. 


2010-2017 Mohawk Girls (TV)
2008 Club Native (Documentary)
2008 Kanien'keha:ka: Living the Language (Documentary)
2005 Mohawk Girls (Documentary)

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