The Longest Day

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Midsummer in Sweden; somewhere above the Arctic Circle. Many curious stories unfold in a small Finnish-speaking village, while the sun never sets.

Midsummer in Sweden; somewhere above the Arctic Circle. The people of a small Finnish-speaking community bravely soldier on with their pursuits under the merciless never-setting sun.

Some children are playing in the forest and make a strange discovery. A horrible accident takes place. A truck driver has a long way ahead of him in order to reach the place, while trying to get in touch with his family. A family of tourists from India has come to see the midnight sun. We also get to know three elderly men who spend the whole day on a bench in the park. Among other stories. It sure is hard to keep on feeling bad on the brightest day of the year.


Jonas Selberg Augustsén (b. 1974) is an award-winning screenwriter and director from Boden, Norrbotten in Sweden. He's made several films, both shorts, documentaries and feature films. Several of his short films have been screened at TIFF and his film Midsummer Night earned him the Tromsø Palm Award at TIFF 2017.

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Saturday 23. january

Kl 10:00
TIFF Digital 2

Tickets available from 17.01.2021 12:00


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