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At just 12 years old, Ben Larg became Scotland’s Under-18 Surfing Champion. Now, two years later, he wants to risk it all in the enormous waves off the coast of Ireland. How far is his family willing to go to support his wild dreams?

Ben is a big surfer talent and travels around the world with his dad to compete. But he struggles to find his place in the rule-bound world of competitive surfing. At home on the tiny and remote Scottish island Tiree, he isn't faring much better at trying to fit in at school. Instead, he becomes fascinated by the extreme challenges of big wave surfing. After a particularly violent encounter with the local bullies, his parents decide to pull all their three children out of school. They go to Ireland to give Ben a chance to surf the infamous monster waves at Mullaghmore. No one as young as Ben has surfed them before, and there is a very real risk of serious injury or even death.

Director Marty Robinson followed Ben for three years, and Ride the Wave has become a heart-warming documentary about growing up, finding your passion, and not least about the meaning of family.


Martyn Robertson studied theatre at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He started his own production company in 2007. He directed his first feature documentary in 2015 with Marty goes to Hollywood, which won him a BAFTA.


2015 Marty Goes to Hollywood (Documentary)

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Driv Cinema

Saturday 22. january

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Alfheim svømmehall

Saturday 22. january

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