Among Herders

On the outskirts of Tromsø, reindeer and sheep herders are preparing for the busiest time of the year. In late spring calves and lambs are born, which keep the herders alert day and night. This documentary shows the love and care the herders have for their animals, the need to protect their animals from predators in nature, and the struggles they are facing living and herding in the periphery of a growing city.


Minetta Westerlund is originally from Finland but has lived in Tromsø for two years. She graduated from the University of Tromsø in the summer of 2022 with a Master’s degree in Visual Anthropology, and the film Among Herders is her first film and a part of her master's thesis.

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Friday 20. january

Kl 16:30
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Sunday 22. january

Kl 22:00
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