Sister, What Grows Where Land is Sick?

In a small town in Northern Norway, Eira tries to navigate in the shadows of her brilliant and rebellious older sister Vera.

Lately, something is happening to Vera, and in a quest of finding out what, Eira starts reading her diary. She enters Vera’s universe of intense light, glitter, mythology, and hopes for a more beautiful world. Yet her diary reveals darkness and rage that Eira doesn't know how to deal with. Focusing on the sisters and their relationship, this debut feature is also an artistical, ecofeminist exploration of the boundaries between reality and imagination, past and present, and humans and nature.


Franciska Eliassen (b. 1997) explores ecofeminism, geopolitics, and our relation to nature in her work. She has a BA in film from the Nordland University College of Art and Film in Lofoten. She recently started an MFA at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo.

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Tuesday 17. january

Kl 16:45
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Friday 20. january

Kl 22:00
Driv Cinema

Saturday 21. january

Kl 19:15
Driv Cinema


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