Lost Horizon

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A plane crashes in a remote Tibetan area near Shangri-La. The travelers discover an actual paradise where people live for hundreds of years. Ronald Colman plays the lead role in Frank Capra's grandiose adaptation of James Hilton's novel.

British diplomat Robert Conway (Colman), his brother George (Howard) and a group of disgruntled Westerners escape an uprising in China. But their plane is hijacked by a Mongolian pilot and the plane crashes in the deep snow in the Himalayas. They are rescued by an elderly Chinese man who provides them with warm clothing, and they join his strange caravan. They are led for many miles, tethered on a rope, through the rough and treacherous snow-covered terrain, and eventually they reach the enchanted, uncharted Himalayan mountain paradise of Shangri-La, a utopian community led by the wise and aged High Lama (Jaffe). Slowly the Westerners discard their greed and embrace the mountain paradise.

In the uncertain period between two world wars, audiences could visit a world free from financial worries with plenty for all. But the film, an adaptation of James Hilton’s novel, is not simply a sweet fantasy of utopia and eternal life. Shangri-La is a disturbingly conformist place where rules have to be followed.

This film has been chosen by the Tromsø Filmklubb to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The first screening was on the 20th of January, 1962. 

After the screening there will an anniversary celebration in the café at Driv, with DJ Martha Otte spinning records, lots of balloons and cake for the first ones to arrive!

Two other events are organized by Tromsø Filmklubb this year during TIFF:

Wednesday at 19h: Film- og TV-quiz at Driv

Thursday at 21h: The anniversary celebration


Frank Capra (1897-1991) was an Italian-born American film director and the creative force behind major award-winning films in the 1930s and 1940s. Capra directed a total of 36 feature-length films and 16 documentary films during his lifetime.


1946 It's a Wonderful Life
1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
1938 You Can't Take It with You
1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
1934 It Happened One Night
1933 Lady for a Day

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