My Night

My Night takes us through the dark, deserted streets of Paris at night, where an 18-year-old girl walks from place to place, encounter to encounter, in search of something to fill a void in her life. This atmospheric film is director Antoinette Boulat's first feature film. 

It's been five years since Marion's sister died, and on this day she would have been 23. Marion feels like spending the day with friends, and escape her mother's needy claws. But it turns out to be less therapeutic than she hoped, and the day fades quickly into night. Then she meets Alex, a soul as lonely as herself, and they form an unexpected bond through the night.

My Night can be seen as a literal depiction of today's Paris seen through the eyes of the youth, but it also follows in the footsteps of the old epic myths. A heroine full of self doubt embarks on a journey that is as much spiritual as it is physical. Despite its dark undertones, the film is playful and sensual, a perfect depiction of the impulsiveness of youth. The film's dreamlike rhythm and atmosphere places it outside conventional coming-of-age stories, and the beautiful urban depictions make it as visually striking as it is emotionally moving.


Antoinette Boulat has worked as a casting director for more than two decades, most recently on films like The French Dispatch and Bergman Island. My Night is her feature debut as director, and it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2021.


2021 Ma nuit / My Night

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