How to Have Sex

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Three good friends go on holiday to the Greek island of Crete to party, and for Tara: to make her sexual debut. The hotel is teeming with young people in a party mood, expectations are sky high and so is the alcohol consumption, and it all builds up to an evening she will soon want to forget.

The three friends Tara, Em and Skye go on what should be their best summer vacation ever. Euphoric after completing their exams they go to the party town of Malia, which is filled to the brim with young party-goers. Their suitcases are packed with daring outfits and sticky vodka bottles, and the expectations for the holiday are sky-high. Perhaps Tara is particularly expectant, as she sees this as an opportunity to finally undergo a crucial rite of passage.

Molly Manning Walker's feature film debut is a high-energy film that reveals the strong swings in youth party culture. Lead actress Mia McKenna Bruce gives a strong acting performance and adds to the unsettling feeling that accompanies each party scene - is someone about to step over her boundaries? The film deals with the pressure of expectations and consent (or lack thereof) in a sexualized party culture among young people, which sadly is probably recognizable to many.


Molly Manning Walker (b. 1993) is a cinematographer and director based in London. She made her directorial debut in 2020 with the short film Good Thanks, You? which was featured at Cannes. Her first feature How to Have Sex won the award for best film in the Un Certain Regard program at Cannes in 2023.


2020 Good Thanks, You? (short)
2020 The Forgotten C (short)
2015 More Hate Than Fear (short)

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