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The artist Gritt moves to Oslo after many years abroad, but struggles to establish herself. Difficulties to access the art scene, rejected applications and a tight economy are slowly weakening her dream of carrying out a radical and collective art project.

Gritt, once named Gry-Jeanette, went straight from drama school to Hollywood, but quickly hit a wall and changed course. 17 years later, she is back in Oslo. While her former student friends are making careers on Oslo's theater stages, she is passionate about realizing an ambitious, radical art project. But she is met by a lack of interest and support. When Gritt gets a crushing rejection and at the same time loses the apartment she has borrowed, her life situation becomes more desperate. An opportunity to assist at a theater arises, and Gritt seizes the chance. She sneaks in behind the scenes, and while the theater group is on tour, she starts her own performance with the goal of burying capitalism and patriarchy for good.

Gritt follows the movement artist Gritt's everyday life and tireless attempts to fit in and at the same time maintain an alternative voice. Through tragicomic situations and poetic considerations, the film reveals the narrow confines of society and art and cultural life.


Itonje Søimer Guttormsen (b. 1979) is a Norwegian director who graduated from the European Film College in Denmark, the Norwegian Film School and the Valand Academy in Sweden. Her films are often on the boarder between fiction and documentary, and her latest short, Retract (2016), was screened at festivals both at home and abroad. Søimer Guttormsen leads the performance group "Lilithistene", and initiated both the art film festival ByFlimmer and KORET. Gritt is her first feature film.


2016 Retrett / Retract (Short film)
2008 Den utvalgte (Short film)
2007 Andropia (Short film)
2005 Irma ut i verden (Short film)

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Tuesday 19. january

Kl 18:30
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