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In this intimate drama that is also in large parts romance, Mia Hansen-Løve muses on creativity, a couple's life and love. Shot on the beautiful Fårö island where Ingmar Bergman lived and worked, this sunny film is both dazzling and heartbreaking. 

In Bergman Island, the sun-bathed landscapes of Fårö take the main stage along the film's protagonists. Chris and Tony are a couple of filmmakers who stay on the island as Tony, a known filmmaker, has been invited to screen some of his films. Meanwhile, Chris struggles to write a screenplay that is also set on Fårö. While Tony is away, Chris meets a film student, Hampus, and wonders about the possibility to conciliate art and her life as a woman and as a wife. The example set by Ingmar Bergman - an absent father and husband - makes her question her relationship to Tony as she tries to enlist his help to finish her script.

Bergman Island is a delicate film that weaves two narratives: that of Chris and Tony, and that of Amy and Joseph, the protagonists of Chris's screenplay, who rekindle their romance while attending a wedding on Fårö. Between heartbreak and passion, creative struggles and inspiration, the characters of Mia Hansen-Løve's newest feature invite us on an emotional journey at the border between fiction and reality. 


Mia Hansen-Løve is a French director and screenwriter born in 1981. She started her career as an actress, before going behind the camera for several short films. She directed her feature debut, All is Forgiven, in 2007, which was nominated at Cannes. She went on to direct several award-winning films, such as Father of My Children (2009) and Things to Come (2016).  


2016 L'Avenir / Things to Come
2014 Eden
2009 Le Père de Mes Enfants / Father of My Children
2007 Tout est pardonné / All is Forgiven
2005 Contre-coup (Kortfilm)

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