Bukta Sessions

 Get to know the Northern Norwegian music scene through an audiovisual journey of the region.

Bukta Sessions is a series of live music videos, documentary-style, offering unique locations and a regional focus. It is initiated by the local music festival, "Bukta", and directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer. The project has involved all aspects of the music scene, from artist to stage, captured unique moments, and through a musical prism unveiled big and small peculiarities in the Northern Norwegian soul and history.

Eight different artists, from eight different parts of the region, with different starting points, dreams and goals. What they all share a love for music and its power of expression. The stories told are enforced by cinematic effects, unique locations and conversations with the people surrounding the musicians. Imagine a punk band from Kjøllefjord playing in the "Santa House" in Mehamn, or a rock duo with a full festival backline playing in the middle of "Sennalandet" - that's what Bukta Sessions is.


Carl Christian Lein Størmer (b. 1982) is an award-winning filmmaker and musician from Tromsø. He has produced several short films, concert films and music videos and has previously screened There's Always Next Season (2019) and Everything is Gonna Be Okay? (2021) at TIFF.

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Friday 21. january

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Fokus 2

Saturday 22. january

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