Life of Ivanna

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From the hard, nomadic life on the tundra to an uncertain future with five children. Four years of the life of a strong and charismatic woman.

Life is raw and tough out in the Arctic tundra, where young Ivanna lives a nomadic life with her five children. Ivanna is a charismatic woman who is put to the test when she has to give up the traditional life of the Nenets people and move to the city. The climate is changing, the reindeer are dying, and her husband, Gena, has become an alcoholic because of his job at a gas plant. And although Ivanna can put both him and everyone else in place - with her murderous gaze and "no bullshit attitude" - she has a desire to free herself from the violent relationship.


Director Renato Borrayo Serrano (b. 1982) was born in Guatemala and lives in Russia. Life of Ivanna is his first full-length documentary, and was pitched and developed during Below Zero at TIFF in 2017.


2017 Film for Carlos (Documentary short)

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