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Three stories about the lives of two men and a boy - Harald, Eirik and Petter - one day in Oslo. In different ways, they are all in a social and emotional distress, and must deal with their challenges and surroundings.

Petter (60) is a renowned screenwriter who wants to make a film about the national hero Fritjof Nansen. But when Petter encounters unexpected problems with the financing of the film, it triggers a spiral of unfortunate circumstances that culminates in what should have been a pleasant dinner with good friends. One of the those he meets that day is Eirik (30). Eirik once believed in his own story about the company he will start, but now he appears desperate. Not least, he is manically concerned with righting an injustice he believes Petter has committed. On the other side of Oslo, Harald (11) is struggling to find his place both at school and at home. Why does he get angry so fast? When his teacher tries to find out what is wrong, she gets no answer.

HIM is penetrating look at expectations, roles and social situations, which is reminiscent of Ruben Östlund's contemporary portraits. With humor and seriousness, Guro Bruusgaard's feature film debut touches on both superficial and more in-depth issues related to the male role in modern Norway.


Guro Bruusgaard (b. 1977) graduated from the Nordland kunst- og filmskole and the Filmhögskolan in Göteborg. She is a scriptwriter, director and editor, and in 2017 she was one if the initiators of the production collective ALTERNATIVET. HIM is her first feature film.


2010 Sirkus (Short film)
2007 Verdens ende (Short film)
2005 Allting försvinner (Short film)

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Wednesday 20. january

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Wednesday 20. january

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