PcA-TV episode 5: GUMPI

Last year at TIFF 2021, we showed episodes 3 and 4 of Post-capitalist Architecture (PcA-TV), a digital TV series created by renowned Tromsø artist Joar Nango and director Ken-Are Bongo, in which they introduce their home and local environment in Sápmi. 

Nango and Bongo travel through snow-covered landscapes with a mobile TV studio on a snowmobile. Along the way, they meet guests over a coffee around the fire, such as academic researchers, craftsmen and activists. They explore popular building techniques for large political power structures that form the basis of the social landscape in the north. Nango and Bongo take us to the Post-Capitalist Architecture Universe (Pca-TV) and explore the ongoing study of architecture after the fall of capitalism.

In this new episode, Nango and Bongo focus on the gumpi. The gumpi is often a home-made little hut mounted on skis. They are looking for the very first gumpi, and talking to a linguist about the origin of the word.

PcA-TV: Gumpi is screened as part of the FFN – Experimental – Impact program.

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