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Amanda is a quirky and rebellious twentysomething struggling to make new friends, returning to her home country Italy after studying in Paris. In this stylish and funny Gen Z portrait we follow the main character dealing with her existential crisis.

Amanda has returned to her wealthy family in Italy after having studied in Paris, and things are not going too well. She is at odds with her family, and has no boyfriend and no friends. Even though she is an independent and cool young woman, she feels increasingly isolated. When her mother tells her that she used to spend time with a girl called Rebecca as a child, she sets out to re-befriend her – regardless if Rebecca is interested or not.

Carolina Cavalli’s debut feature as a director is a fresh and bizarre take on the coming-of-age genre, with esthetic and comedic parallels to Wes Anderson and her compatriot Paolo Sorrentino. It is a stylized film about loneliness and the curse of being an acquired taste, with a compelling Benedetta Porcaroli as the iconic main character.


Carolina Cavalli is a writer-director from Milan, Italy working in the Italian and English languages. Her much-acclaimed debut feature as writer-director, Amanda, premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival and internationally at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2022. Her first novel Metropolitania was published by Fandango Books in the Autumn of 2022. She has worked on several Italian television series for Netflix, Rai Play among others.


2022 Amanda

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