Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

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Crock of Gold is a celebration of lead singer, punk poet and non-conformist rebel Shane MacGowan of the Pogues. Director Julien Temple follows the trails of his childhood in the Irish countryside, political rebellion youth, sudden fame and outrageous lifestyle.

Shane MacGowan, best known as lead singer and songwriter of The Pogues, successfully combined traditional Irish music with the rebellious energy of punk rock. In Crock of Gold, Julien Temple brings us on a journey along the many lives of Shane, from his childhood in the Irish countryside to his years of political activism, as well as his sudden fame and outrageous lifestyle.

Temple’s detailed and rough portrait of the iconic lead singer tells the story of a self-destructive personality, with the unexpected stardom and touring with the band, leading to even heavier alcohol and drug consumption. Now wheelchair bound due to a broken pelvis, MacGowan can spin a story with sting, humor and deep knowledge. Crock of Gold is a brilliant documentary featuring unseen archival footage, as well as animations from illustrator Ralph Steadman. With interviews of friends, family and colleagues, this documentary produced by Johnny Depp is a celebration of MacGowan as a musician, poet and non-conformist rebel.


Music occupies a central place in the career of director Julien Temple (b. 1952), who makes documentaries, fictional films and music videos. He started his career shooting short films about the Sex Pistols, going on to direct music videos including David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Blur as well as documentaries about Marvin Gaye and The Clash among many others.


2017 Habaneros (Documentary)
2006 Glastonbury (Documentary)
2000 Pandaemonium
1998 Vigo: A Passion For Life
1991 At the Max (Documentary)
1982 The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (Documentary)

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