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In Woolly, director Rebekka Nystabakk follows her sister Rakel as she becomes the 4th generation to run the family farm. Every day is full of surprises, both frustrating and awe-inspiring, as they navigate their way in this new life.

Together with her wife Ida, Rakel is enthusiastic about taking over, but aware that they have a lot to learn. Rakel’s father, a farmer for 40 years, knows what lies ahead: years when spring never arrives, summers of significant losses, poor harvests, and sheep on the run. Parts of the hayfield are too steep for tractors. Many would probably claim that this homestead belongs to a bygone time. But Rakel is convinced this is the future: "I know how to make food by using the resources I have around me. That will never be old fashioned."

This heartwarming documentary will put a smile on your face and light a hope for the future - even for small scale farming and a rural lifestyle - in your eyes. The company of this family of farmers is the most enjoyable, not to mention all the adorable, quirky, sociable sheep. Baaa!


Rebekka Nystabakk is an actress and has studied acting at The Norwegian Theatre Academy and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Since her graduation, Rebekka has worked with both theatre and film. In addition to acting, she is also writing, directing and developing new ideas for film and stage. This is her first film.

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