Things to Come

Nathalie lives a comfortable life with a stable job and a seemingly perfect family. Suddenly, great personal changes take place in her private life and a process of change starts, leading to her getting to know herself and life better.

Nathalie (Isabelle Huppert) teaches philosophy, and she lives and thinks like a philosopher. She and her husband have been married for 25 years, they have two children, and on the side she takes care of her sick mother. When her husband leaves her for another woman and her mother dies, it turns everything upside-down. Suddenly Nathalie has more freedom than ever before, and she has to reinvent herself.

Things to Come is Mia Hansen-Løve's first "adult" film, a break with the youth portrayals she was known for, and a film not about getting older, but being older. Critics hailed it as her best. It’s an intelligent and beautiful film, where the screenplay, acting and cinematography create a deep and heartwarming experience, a story for everyone who has had to face themselves and the life they have lived. Hansen-Løve won the Silver Bear for Best Director during the Berlin Film Festival.


Mia Hansen-Løve is a French director and screenwriter born in 1981. She started her career as an actress, before going behind the camera for several short films. She directed her feature debut, All is Forgiven, in 2007, which was nominated at Cannes. She went on to direct several award-winning films, such as Father of My Children (2009) and Eden (2014).  


2021 Bergman Island
2016 L'Avenir / Things to Come
2014 Eden
2009 Le Père de Mes Enfants / Father of My Children
2007 Tout est pardonné / All is Forgiven
2005 Contre-coup (Kortfilm)


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