OsloClubCast presents: TROMSØ SURVEILLANCE

Is it at all possible to recreate a musical club experience through a screen? If so, how to find a balance between sound and image, a harmony between visual interest and the social interaction of dance? OsloClubCast has long functioned as an audiovisual channel for Norwegian electronic dance music. During TIFF, their 3 latest concert films are premiered under the title «TROMSØ SURVEILLANCE». Come out and dance!

All of a sudden, at the beginning of the pandemic, the four walls of the house were to function as a culture house, cinema, restaurant and disco. Concert streaming soon became the new cultural standard. But for club music –possibly the most socially connected form of art– this sudden change required a more delicate calibration, a presentation that also took into account the social interaction of dancing.

This gave rise to the idea of creating a more intimate digital experience of the traditional "concert", where the tour apparatus rather seeks out the artists, in order to present their natural habitat to an audience far beyond their usual reach. The idea has resulted in over 50 film productions of Norwegian electronic artists throughout the pandemic, and internationally close to 100,000 views on YouTube. During TIFF, OsloClubCast premieres their 3 latest concert films as part of the «Tromsø Surveillance» - project.

The creative electronic music community in Tromsø was long ago renowned as the birthplace of Norwegian electronica, through pioneers such as Biosphere, Røyksopp, Bel Canto, Alania, Mental Overdrive, Doc L Jnr, and Bjørn Torske. We therefore take great pleasure in presenting a selection of Tromsø's bustling electronic music scene, screening film concerts with Kohib, Mental Overdrive and Keecen, at the outdoor cinema. For the first time, you are allowed to close your eyes at a film festival, if you dance that is!

The artists will be present during the screening and will be presented on stage in advance of the films. And for those of you with that extra dedication, 3 exclusive film interviews with the artists will be shown beforehand at gallery «Helvetesveita».

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Friday 21. january

Kl 19:00
Winter Cinema


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