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What is it like to be a filmmaker in the North? The creatives from Mer Film's talent programme New Stories present their projects in development, and talk to former head of the festival, Martha Otte, about their first large scale projects in northern Norway.

New Stories is a brand new talent programme developed by Mer Film in collaboration with Talent Norge, Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Samfunnsløftet, and The International Sámi Film Institute. In 2020, five creatives were chosen to take part in the programme, which aims to help lift talented new filmmakers' careers to an elite level.

The programme lasts for 3 years, during which the participants receive support and guidance to help complete their projects through mentoring by international industry professionals as well as producer and distribution counsel.

Three of the participants, Elle Sofe Sara and Åse Kathrin Vuloab will be partaking in this conversation with the former festival director Martha Otte where they will present their projects and reflect on both the joy and hardship that comes with developing one's first large scale project, and being a filmmaker in northern Norway.

The conversations will be in Norwegian.


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Saturday 23. january

Kl 12:00
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